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Tooth whitening helps create a beautiful, whiter and brighter smile. It is a simple, effective and completely non-invasive way to restore stained teeth which have become discoloured over the years.

25% Off & Money Back Guarantee

Boutique whitening is the UK's leading premium teeth whitening provider.

Every patient receives a tailor-made tray and a custom supply of teeth whitening gels to achieve your ideal shade.

We also offer a full money back guarantee if you do not achieve a satisfactory colour improvement.

Prices start from £450 £337

Easy At-Home Whitening

It’s easy to achieve a dazzling smile by whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home.

We take impressions of your teeth from which casts are made for customized trays. (This is so there is maximum contact of tooth whitening gel to enamel surface.)

We provide you with 16% carbamide peroxide and demonstrate in the surgery exactly how you should do the treatment at home before bedtime.

5 Star Reviews

'I first visited Edgbaston Smile in November 2020 for an Air Polish treatment and Teeth Whitening kit. I chose to have a consultation with Dr. Shobna Chauhan and I'm glad I picked her - the best dentist! Danni, her assistant, is also lovely.

My teeth are still looking fresh & clean a year later, and I often get compliments about how nice & white my smile is.' - Manni

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Our purpose-built Birmingham Dental and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is located on Calthorpe Road, within the heart of the Edgbaston Medical Quarter.

Our ethos is to place our clients’ needs at the centre of everything that we do and provide the highest quality of service.  

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