Have you missed your professional dental cleaning during lockdown? Our Dental Air Polish could be the perfect solution for you.

This fantastic polishing treatment is like a jet wash for your teeth! A non-invasive procedure that uses a mix of compressed air, water & fine powder to remove unsightly staining & harmful plaque from your teeth. Leaving your teeth looking and feeling fabulous!

This treatment can also be used to gently clean underneath the gum line and around crowns, bridges, implants, orthodontic wires/brackets as well as conventional fillings. It's also great to tackle unsightly stains as the ‘jet’ action can reach into areas usually difficult to get to, giving great results for the patient. Once you try Air polishing you'll never look back!

For a limited time Edgbaston Smile Clinic are offering Air Polish for the special price of £150 with complimentary consultation included! Don’t miss out, call 0121 456 7930 or email to book your appointment today!

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