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Our dental hygienist's main goal is to keep your teeth clean and to prevent gum disease, one of the leading causes of tooth loss for adults in Birmingham and the UK. Regular professional hygiene appointments, including a scale and polish, can help you to improve your oral health, and prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
Clean your teeth and prevent gum disease
Targets hard to reach areas missed during brushing
Air polish available for more comfortable treatment
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What is a Scale and Polish?

During your hygiene appointment, the dentist will conduct a meticulous evaluation of your gum health. Subsequently, your teeth will undergo scaling, utilising both ultrasonic and hand scalers. This process effectively eliminates any calculus (tartar) and staining, resulting in a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums. Following that, the teeth are polished to achieve a smooth surface, facilitating easier maintenance of cleanliness at home. It's common for teeth to experience sensitivity after a scale and polish, but this is normal and reversible.
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Why Do You Need Regular Hygiene Appointments?

Regular scaling and polishing play a crucial role in maintaining clean teeth and preventing gum disease, specifically gingivitis. This routine not only leaves your mouth feeling fresh but also enhances the brightness of your smile.

On a daily basis, a sticky film of bacteria, known as plaque, forms on the tooth surfaces. It is this plaque that contributes to the development of gum disease. Within 24 hours, the plaque solidifies into calculus, also known as tartar, which can only be effectively removed by a dentist.

Identifying gum disease involves observing red and swollen gums that easily bleed, particularly during teeth brushing. If left untreated, the disease progresses, leading to the loss of the bone supporting the teeth in the jaw, resulting in tooth mobility and potential loss. Fortunately, gum disease is reversible in its early stages.

To address or prevent gum disease, it is essential to schedule regular dental appointments for scaling and polishing, typically recommended every six months (though some patients may need it every three months). Additionally, maintaining meticulous daily oral hygiene practices, such as thorough brushing and flossing, is crucial.
Air Polish

What is an Air Polish?

An Air Polish is a more expensive and advancedhygiene treatment that effectively removes stains on the teeth and discolouration while thoroughly removing dental plaque. This innovative technique removes plaque and staining, often caused by drinking red wine, tea/coffee and smoking, to restore a natural smile.

The air polish uses a controlled but powerful jet of water and lemon flavoured powder, as opposed to the scraping tools and a rotary polishing head used in a traditional scale and polish. It is a fast and non-invasive way of cleaning teeth. Using airflow your dentist can clean deep pockets and interdental areas to give you a bright fresh smile.

What are the benefits of Air Polishing?

  • Air polishing does not damage the enamel, unlike other cleaning methods
  • Air polishing is more gentle than other options, meaning it can be used on dental implants
  • The treatment doesn't apply any pressure to the teeth
  • It doesn't generate any heat or other potential sources of discomfort

How much does a Hygiene Appointment cost Birmingham?

Our hygiene appointments, including a comprehensive oral health examination and scale and polish, cost £75. Upgrading to our air polish treatment takes the price to £150.
  • Hygiene Appointment - Scale &Polish - £75
  • Hygiene Appointment - Air Polish - £150
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"Great service provided by Dr Shobhna and her team. I recieved enamel contouring and air polishing. I am very happy with my results..."
Sarah A
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"Got an air polish here from Dr Suraj. Staff were friendly and made the visit a pleasant experience..."
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"So far, so good! Started my Invisalign journey about 9 months ago with Kerry and Greg and I can’t believe the difference already! The whole team have just been great..."
Rebecca C
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"Dr Shobhna Chauhan was the most pleasurable and professional experience I have ever received within healthcare. I would highly recommend Shobhna..."
Kiran K
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"Perfect advice and experience from consultation to treatment. Always made to feel comfortable and couldn't be happier with the end results...."
Corin McGinley
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"A very relaxed and easy process having my teeth whitened and composite bonded. Shobhna was very honest and not at all pushy... A huge improvement for me!"
Bethan Davis
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