Harley Street Specialist Joins Edgbaston Smile Clinic!

We are delighted to announce an expansion to our team at Edgbaston Smile!

From 15th April, we will be joined by Dr Greg Fickert, Orthodontic Specialist and Kerry Rodgers, Orthodontic Therapist from The Orthodontic Specialist on Harley Street.

Dr Greg is one of the most qualified orthodontists in the UK and, along with Kerry, brings extensive experience to support patients at Edgbaston Smile.

Their passion and commitment to delivering impeccable levels of care fits perfectly with our ethos at Edgbaston Smile!

The addition of our new specialist orthodontists to the Edgbaston Smile team will help combat problems with crooked teeth, underbites, crossbites and overbites using Invisalign and the latest fixed brace technology.

It’s all part of our mission, as life opens up, to enable you to brighten the world with a radiant and perfect smile.

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