Turkey Teeth - Is It Worth The Risk?

The 'Turkey Teeth' process involves extensive tooth filing, resulting in teeth being filed down into stubs or fangs. Veneers in Turkey can cause severe complications and irreversible damage to the teeth.
The 'Turkey Teeth' process involves extensive tooth filing, resulting in teeth being filed down into stubs or fangs. Veneers in Turkey can cause severe complications and irreversible damage to the teeth.
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December 1, 2023

Turkey Teeth - Unveiling the Risks and Realities

In the age of social media influencers and viral trends, the pursuit of a perfect smile has taken a detour to Turkey, with a trend ominously named 'Turkey Teeth.' This growing phenomenon involves individuals travelling abroad, particularly to Turkey, for dental procedures such as implants and veneers. However, many Brits, keen to achieve a Hollywood Smile, are unaware of the significant risks involved and the irreparable damage to their oral health.

The Allure of Turkey Teeth

A Hollywood Smile at What Cost?

The trend sees teeth in Turkey being dramatically shaved down, promising a Hollywood Smile at a fraction of the cost compared to the UK. In recent years, the trend of obtaining dental treatment in Turkey has surged, attracting over 300,000 individuals in 2018 alone. While the allure of immediate cost savings might seem enticing, the reality is that patients are jeopardising their oral health foundation.

Influencer Impact

Reality stars like Jack Fincham and Katie Price have documented their 'Turkey Teeth' experiences on social media, often regretting their decision. However, despite the apparent success showcased online, the responsibilities of regulated cosmetic dentists compel us to caution patients against extreme measures for the sake of a perfect smile.

The quest for the ideal smile often leads to a lack of communication, misinformed decisions, and, unfortunately, a lifetime of unexpected, expensive treatments. Bargain cosmetic dental centers in Turkey have left many individuals in the UK with uncertain knowledge about the procedures they underwent and the subsequent challenges they now face.

Woman travelling to Turkey for cosmetic tourism dental procedures

The Difference Between Treatment in the UK and in Turkey

Cosmetic dentistry clinics in Turkey may resort to extreme measures, such as removing nerves and opting for crowns instead of veneers, without the client's informed consent. This departure from ethical practices raises concerns about the quality of care and the long-term consequences for unsuspecting individuals.

While the appeal of a quick solution is undeniable, the implications of getting veneers in Turkey can be severe. The haste to achieve fast results has resulted in the highest numbers of botched cosmetic dentistry procedures, leaving individuals in pain, facing extensive corrective work, and dealing with financial burdens. Around 75% of individuals who had dental work abroad required corrective treatment in the UK.

Veneers vs. Crowns - How are they Different?

Veneers are thin porcelain or composite shells that are bonded to the surface of the teeth to hide any imperfections.

Crowns are typically used to repair the teeth or as a replacement tooth when used with dental implants.

The main difference between crowns and veneers is that a veneer only covers the surface of the tooth whereas a crown covers the whole tooth.

Dental crowns are typically only recommended to patients when they have a tooth that cannot be saved. For example, when there is very little tooth remaining, or when a filling would not be suitable to protect against bacteria.

Filing down your teeth for crowns has significant consequences for your oral health that cannot be fixed at a later point.

Katie Price after Turkey Teeth procedure with shaved down teeth stumps

Why are Crowns used in Turkey for Smile Makeovers?

The 'Turkey Teeth' process involves extensive tooth filing, resulting in teeth being filed down into stubs or fangs. Large crowns are then cemented over the remaining tooth.

In the UK, only a fraction of the tooth's surface needs to be removed (around 0.5mm) for veneers to be bonded to the surface. This preserves more of the tooth's natural structure. Some dental practices, like Edgbaston Smile, will even offer composite bonding, which can help to improve the aesthetics of the teeth without any drilling or filing!

'Turkey Teeth' use Crowns Instead of Veneers due to the Lower Cost, Faster Treatment, and Lower Dental Skill and Expertise Required

The Shocking Reality of 'Turkey Teeth'

Foreign clinics have a terrible 17% complication rate, significantly higher than the 98% success rate in the UK.

Complications faced by patients with 'Turkey Teeth' include severe infections, long-lasting tooth pain, infected gums, rotting teeth, poorly blended veneers, crowns and veneers falling off, and heightened tooth sensitivity.

Many patients who have suffered complications as a result of their Turkey Teeth have been turned away by UK dentists and local practices.

Choose a Trustworthy Dental Clinic

Choosing a trusted provider for cosmetic treatments is crucial. At Edgbaston Smile Clinic, we've witnessed patients returning from overseas with alarming complications, emphasising the importance of selecting a reputable clinic.

GDC Assurance

The General Dental Council (GDC) holds us accountable, ensuring our dental jurisdiction remains within the UK. This accountability is absent in clinics abroad, raising concerns about patient safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to get veneers abroad?

Yes, veneers abroad may be cheaper initially, but considering travel and accommodation expenses, the overall cost-effectiveness is questionable.

How much do veneers cost in Turkey?

Veneers in Turkey can cost as little as £120 per tooth, but the low prices often raise concerns about the quality of materials and expertise.

How long do veneers last from Turkey?

Veneers done in Turkey may have a shorter lifespan due to rushed and potentially underqualified procedures, contrasting with the longevity of UK-fitted veneers.

Why do people go to Turkey for veneers?

Affordability is a significant factor, but the risks involved in compromising on quality and standards should be carefully considered.

Why are veneers cheaper in Turkey?

Lower operation costs in Turkey contribute to reduced veneer prices, but this may also signify a slip in standards and qualifications.

I had a botched veneer procedure in Turkey, how can I get it fixed?

Seeking a reputable cosmetic dentist experienced with veneers, like us at Edgbaston Smile Clinic, is crucial to rectify failed procedures.

What are the most common problems with getting veneers in Turkey?

Language barriers, lack of proper consultations, and inadequate information sharing pose significant challenges when getting veneers in Turkey.


In the pursuit of a perfect smile, one must weigh the risks and rewards carefully. Edgbaston Smile Clinic advocates for informed decisions, thorough research, and prioritizing the long-term health and well-being of your teeth. Our commitment to top-tier quality and client satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for your veneer treatments. Contact us today for an informal chat about your specific needs and discover the difference expertise makes.

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