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Veneers are one of our most popular treatments at Edgbaston Smile, and for good reason! Check out our veneers before and after pictures to see how veneers can transform a smile. At Edgbaston Smile our treatments are intended to look as natural as possible, as demonstrated by the before and after veneers photos below.

Veneers Before & After - General misalignment and discolouration

Before and after picture of veneers to fix general misalignment and discolouration

After undergoing a variety of dentistry over the years by many different dentists, this lady turned to us to help style her smile when she turned 60.

Her request was for a beautiful natural smile using new ceramic veneers, crowns and composite bonding. She still has all her natural teeth and we created balance and symmetry to follow the contour of her lower lip. The shade we chose was also age-appropriate, to compliment her smile.

This patient was very happy with the results and has received lovely comments from friends and family, saying they couldn’t pinpoint straightaway why she looks so fabulous!

We love to hear this feedback! That’s always the aim of Edgbaston Smile Clinic, to create beautiful new smiles without the obvious tell-tale signs of cosmetic dentistry.

Before and After Veneers - Chipped Teeth

before and after veneers for a woman with chipped front teeth

This patient came to us to help style her smile after grinding her teeth down.

Our Cosmetic Dentist Shobhna Chauhan did tooth whitening followed by opening of the jaw (using posterior composites) and finally new composite veneers on her upper incisors.

Our patient now has the teeth she had years ago & is delighted with the result!If you want to style your smile, get in touch with us & we will work with you to find the best solution to suit your specific requirements.

Veneers Before and After Photos for Discolouration

three stage before and after with veneers and teeth whitening

This patient had full mouth tooth whitening treatment followed by new chairside composite veneers. The tooth whitening process produced an excellent improvement in colour. You can clearly see this in the middle photo where it is highlighted with the old composites in place.

The new composite shade was B1 and the new veneers have been correctly contoured, with symmetry and in proportion to the patients other teeth and her soft tissues.

Another happy patient for Dr Shobhna Chauhan!

Other Veneers Before and After Examples

veneers before and after to fix a single discoloured tooth
before and after veneers for discoloured teeth
before and after veneers for a big gap between front teeth
veneers before and after for crooked teeth

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