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At Edgbaston Smile Clinic, we wholeheartedly embrace nervous patients and have implemented various strategies to ease dental anxiety. We recognise that past negative experiences may deter you from scheduling check-ups and treatments. However, we want to reassure you that modern dentistry has evolved significantly over the past decade. Thanks to technological advancements, today's dental procedures are considerably less invasive, and our precision in pain relief has reached new heights. Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities.
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Twilight Sedation (IV Sedation) in Birmingham

Twilight Anaesthesia (conscious sedation) is a form of anaesthesia that can be controlled so that you are asleep but still able to breathe by yourself.  There is no need for intubation as in General Anaesthetic. The aim is to keep you pain free and comfortable.

Twilight sedation makes you relax and allays anxiety during your procedure. You will be sufficiently awake to be able to converse with your dentist but you will usually have little, if any, recollection of events afterwards. 

Sedative drugs are given as an injection in your hand or arm. The sedation technique used for your treatment needs to be administered by an anaesthetist. An anaesthetist is a medically qualified doctor who undertakes extensive postgraduate training in the field of anaesthetics and sedation. All our anaesthetists are Consultants with years of experience

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What are the Advantages of Dental Sedation?

Fewer side effects

Twilight sedation tends to have fewer side effects compared to traditional general anaesthesia. Patients often experience less nausea, vomiting, and grogginess after waking up from the procedure.

Faster and easier recovery

Patients typically recover more quickly and smoothly. They wake up more alert and experience less post-operative drowsiness, allowing them to resume their normal activities sooner.

Good safety profile

Twilight sedation is known for its excellent safety record. It is carefully monitored by anesthesia professionals throughout the procedure, minimising the risk of complications.

Good amnesia effect

Dental sedation induces a state of amnesia, meaning patients are unlikely to remember the details of the procedure. This can alleviate anxiety and fear associated with medical interventions.

Cost effective

Sedation can be a cost-effective option for patients since it eliminates the need for overnight hospital stay fees. This can significantly reduce the overall cost of medical procedures.

No intubation needed

Unlike traditional general anaesthesia, twilight sedation does not require the insertion of a breathing tube (intubation). This can lead to a more comfortable and less invasive experience for patients.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about dental sedation. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please contact the clinic directly.
Are there any risks to dental sedation?
There is a small chance that you may become over sedated. To make the procedure as safe and as comfortable for you, the Consultant Anaesthetist is with you throughout. He is constantly adjusting the amount of sedative you receive depending on how you respond.

Occasionally following the procedure, a slight bruise or a small lump may appear at the site of the injection in your hand or arm. This is normally nothing to be concerned about, but should you be concerned or the area is painful please contact the clinic for advice.
What happens on the day of the treatment?
You must avoid eating solid food and milky drinks for 6 hours prior to your appointment for sedation. Water, squash and black tea or black coffee can be consumed up to 2 hours before your sedation.

You must take your routine medicines at the usual time, unless advised otherwise, and bring them with you (including inhalers).

On arrival at the clinic/hospital, you will be admitted to your own bay/room and the nurse and anaesthetist will ask questions about your medical and previous anaesthetic history. The procedure and sedation technique will be explained to you and any questions or concerns that you may have will be answered.

You will be given oral paracetamol/co-dydramol for pain relief and asked to change into a gown. You will then be taken to the operating room. Monitoring will be attached and the anaesthetist will insert a small cannula into one of your veins on the back of the hand or arm and commence your sedation.

At the end of the procedure you will be transferred back to your own bay/room. Occasionally, you may be advised to have a pain-killing suppository, diclofenac, at the end of the procedure. If this is the case, consent will be sought beforehand.

You will be able to go home once you have had a drink, something to eat and have been to the bathroom.
How long does it take for the effects to wear off?
Typically, following your procedure, the anaesthetist will oversee a recovery period lasting up to 30 minutes. The complete effects of conscious sedation require approximately 24 hours to dissipate, which means you may experience grogginess during this period. It's essential to plan for transportation with a designated escort to drive you home safely and ensure someone is present with you at home until the sedative effects have completely subsided. Throughout this time, it's important to refrain from operating electrical machinery, cooking, using sharp tools, or making any crucial decisions to ensure your safety and well-being.
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