Why Clean Teeth Respond to Tooth Whitening Best

Recently it has become apparent that ‘tooth whitening procedures’, only produce a mediocre improvement in color improvement, when the enamel surface is contaminated.

The major cause of a ‘sticky enamel surface’ is glue left on from previous orthodontics treatments, usually in a thin film which is invisible to the naked eye, and occasionally it is detected by the lips and tongue as a bumpy surface. The patient is completely unaware and can’t understand why their teeth are yellow in colour.

During a clinical examination our dentists can see evidence of this ‘sticky old composite’ and if it is removed then with a ‘diamond bur’ followed by an air polish then teeth will naturally look whiter. Finally, if tooth whitening is done on these ‘clean teeth’ then the gel can penetrate into the enamel, and the results are quite amazing!

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