Invisalign is the Clear Winner at Edgbaston Smile!

Edgbaston Smile Clinic has built an excellent reputation as one of Birmingham’s finest Cosmetic Dentists since opening its doors 2019.

Our range of popular dental treatments includes veneers, teeth whitening & composite bonding. However, it’s the world-renowned Invisalign that takes the title of the treatment we receive the most enquiries for.

With more than 12 million users worldwide, Invisalign is the go-to treatment to straighten teeth due to the aligners’ barely-there look.

Invisalign treatment utilises removable, transparent aligner technology that softly manoeuvres your teeth and your bite into the required position. Our patients find this ongoing treatment easy to fit around their lifestyle, achieving the results they want without being an inconvenience.

In2021 we expanded our team & services with the addition of Orthodontic Specialist Dr Greg Fickert, and Kerry Rodgers Orthodontic Therapist from The Orthodontic Specialist on Harley Street.

Dr Greg is one of the most qualified orthodontists in the UK and, along with Kerry, brings extensive orthodontic experience to our patients. They help patients combat issues including crooked teeth, underbites, crossbites and overbites to maximise facial aesthetics and provide facial freedom.

A very welcome addition to the Edgbaston Smile team, Dr Greg & Kerry have helped us meet the ongoing demand of Invisalign patients that come through our doors.

In 2021 we were thrilled to announce that The Orthodontic Specialist on Harley Street was awarded the prestigious title of Diamond provider for Invisalign! Diamond status can only be achieved when the orthodontist successfully completes a minimum of nearly 300 Invisalign patient cases each year.

Diamond provider status is one of the highest levels that Orthodontists can achieve for Invisalign and proves that they are experts in using this treatment.

We are delighted to offer Dr Greg’s Diamond Provider Invisalign service at our central Birmingham clinic. Their passion, expertise and commitment to delivering impeccable levels of care is a perfect fit for Edgbaston Smile.

To find out more about the Edgbaston Smile Invisalign treatment visit our Invisalign Page.

If you have any issues that could benefit from Invisalign, contact Edgbaston Smile today. Our friendly team will discuss your requirements and advise you on the first steps to getting the smile you deserve.

You can call, email or go online to book a mini video consultation with one of our experienced team.

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