Replace Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be replace with dental implants, dentures or bridges. Our expert dentists can achieve functional and natural-looking results with the latest materials and advanced technology.

How to replace missing teeth

By utilizing implants, dentures, or bridgework, missing teeth can be effectively restored. Utilizing advanced materials and gum management techniques can produce exceptional results, with replacement teeth seamlessly blending in with natural teeth, appearing to emerge effortlessly from the gum.

dental implants model showing how a tooth can be replaced

The benefits of replacing missing teeth extend beyond aesthetic improvements. In fact, it can significantly enhance oral health and overall well-being. The presence of gaps due to missing teeth can impact the alignment of existing teeth, causing them to shift and tilt into the empty spaces. This misalignment can create spaces that trap food particles, leading to an increased risk of decay and gum disease. Additionally, replacing missing teeth can also have a profound impact on one's self-confidence and overall quality of life.

Replacing a single missing tooth

Dental implants replace the root of the tooth and provide a foundation for a dental crown.

  • A single implant can help to preserve the existing jaw bone and prevent further bone loss.
  • The benefits of a single implant include keeping the neighbouring teeth intact, because the replacement tooth is connected directly to the jaw via the implant.
  • Help to restore confidence when smiling, speaking or eating, with increased function and aesthetics.
Single implant tooth replacement before and after

Missing Teeth Treatment Options:

Dental ImplantsAll-On-FourCrowns
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Replacing multiple missing teeth

Implant bridges can replace multiple teeth securely without the need to alter the neighbouring teeth. They can provide extra stability to your smile and prevent the remaining teeth from shifting. This can help to restore your chewing and speaking ability.

Dental implants offer a direct replacement for your natural teeth; they look, feel and function the exact same. This means you will have a stable, aesthetic and confidence inspiring tooth replacement when compared to traditional dentures or bridges. They can be used to replace a single tooth or as a platform for dentures or bridges, allowing the replacement of multiple teeth at a lower cost.

Full-arch Implants

All-on-Four is a popular alternative treatment to dentures at our Birmingham based clinic, using between four and six (All-on-Six) dental implants to provide support for a full replacement smile. This treatment replaces missing teeth, providing a permanent fixed teeth solution compared to dentures which can be removed.

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I had treatment at the Edgbaston Smile Clinic to fix two front teeth that were damaged due to grinding.  The veneers I had fitted are brilliant - they look so natural. I'm really pleased with the result and the quality of care and attention provided. I also followed Shobhna's advice that 'building up' some worn down molars would avoid further damage from night time grinding. This preventative treatment has worked really well - I'm delighted.

Verified ★★★★★ review on Google

Dentist Dr Shobhna Chauhan was excellent , professional in her approach and very measured and calm exactly what is needed when visiting the dentist. Her assistant was polite and excellent at not only managing appointments during difficult pandemic times, but assisting during my treatment.

Verified ★★★★★ review on Google

I saw Dr Shobhna Chauhan regarding my teeth and had a wonderful experience.  I had a free virtual consultation to discuss my options then I was booked in the week after to see the Doctor.  I had a number of treaments over the next few weeks including some composite bonding and teeth whitening.  Very happy with the results and Shobhna was lovely.

Verified ★★★★★ review on Google

I first visited Edgbaston Smile in November 2020 for an Air Polish treatment and Teeth Whitening kit. I chose to have a consultation with Dr. Shobna Chauhan and I'm glad I picked her - the best dentist! Danni, her assistant, is also lovely. My teeth are still looking fresh & clean a year later, and I often get compliments about how nice & white my smile is.

Verified ★★★★★ review on Google

Firstly I would like to thank Edgbaston  smile clinic for the best patient care I have received. Having had previous orthodontic work and various dentist appointments in a different clinic, coming to Edgbaston smile clinic was a welcomed change, immediately there were issues with my teeth that had not been picked up for years  by various dentists, Dr Shobhna picked up on them straight away.

Verified ★★★★★ review on Google

The staff were very friendly and polite. It was probably the best customer service I have ever received. I got the air polish and it was quick and painless. Big shoutout to Dr Shobhna Chauhan and her assistant. Some lovely people for real.

Verified ★★★★★ review on Google

Amazing staff. Reassuring at every moment. Professional and friendly. I now have an amazing smile after orthodontic work, teeth whitening and bonding to fix chipped and uneven tooth. My sis in law will be booking with you soon. very impressed x

Verified ★★★★★ review on Google

I had composite bonding and whitening with Shobhna , the service was faultless and painless! I was involved in all discussions and had time to think without feeling pressurised. I love my new smile and had many compliments. Already even recommended her services to a colleague and wouldn't hesitate to recommended our use again.

Verified ★★★★★ review on Google

I saw Dr Chauhan regarding teeth whitening, after examining my teeth, she said I was the perfect candidate for the bleaching treatment. I chose the ‘Night Time’ treatment, which meant I could whiten my teeth while sleeping. The treatment took around 2 weeks to complete and my teeth are SO white! I love them!

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